Miss Kyoko Morioka is a character in the Mo-Retsu! Boing Sensei series.

Morioka safe


Miss Kyoko Morioka is the school nurse. She has a taste for virgin boys, which is her primary motivation for working as a school nurse. She can be very vain at times considering herself more womanly than Motokura and afraid of looking a mess when depressed. Often she wears black lingerie with garters and risque panties when she works. Her desperation for a virgin but winding up with Takeshi Kono is often a source of comedy.


Kono Takeshi Edit

Her first time with Takeshi was when she thought he was a virgin and tried to seduce him. In actuality, it was his first time with black garters. While she doesn't like him for not being a virgin, she has sex with him whenever she hears its his first time doing this or she believes he's a virgin.