Miki full color
Miki Motokura
is a character in the Mo-Retsu! Boing Sensei series. She is the most recurring female characters in the series.

Biography Edit

Miki Motokura works as a high school teacher and helped out Kono when he was substituting a class. He mistook her for his favorite pornstar, Kozue, because of a watermelon seed on her breast that looked like a mole. After he raped her, she forgot and possibly forgave the incident after he pointed out the watermelon seed. This along with other events shows that she can be very ditzy. She seems very unaware of sexual things like the fact that the food she makes all look like penises or thinking AV means Ai(japanese word for love) video.


Kono TakeshiEdit

Her first meeting with Takeshi started civil, but turned bad when he raped her believing her to be Kozue. However, she has forgiven him. Takeshi was the first man Motokura has had sex with, and she seems to have developed feelings for him such as being upset when it seemed that he would leave. They regularly spend their work time together.